Melanie Dahan - Le chant des possibles -


French jazz vocalist Melanie Dahan released her 4th album "LE CHANT DES POSSIBLES" on January 31st, 2020 : original compositions of pianist Jeremy Hababou on French poetry. 

Following 3 well-received recordings, she has a history of working with excellent musicians.

The distinctive, continually surprising sound of her 3rd album "KEYS" is the result of an especially satisfying collaboration with 5 pianists, a veritable who's who of the best in France: Baptiste Trotignon (piano), Thomas Enhco (piano), Pierre de Bethmann (piano), Manuel Rocheman (piano), Franck Amsallem (piano).

A smartly conceived concept recording made up of 10 jazz standards where each pianist pays tribute to the American songbook in his fresh and inventive own way.

Each one of their unique and contemporary arrangements acts to highlight Dahan's vocal qualities and to make her voice an instrument.

Melanie's strengths - expressive delicacy at low volumes, flexible phrasing - are all here. Above all, there's her voice - light but expressive, engaging and evocative, whether she's singing in English (here), French (in her first album) or Portuguese (in her second album).


Previous albums :

"La princesse et les croque-notes" (2008) - Abeille musique (France) / Sunnyside Records (USA)

"Latine" (2011) - Harmonia Mundi (France - abroad)

Japan Tour

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